Service Learning is a core element of Himalayan Explorers. Founder and boss Raja Sahota has many years of experience in this field and our programs have an excellent track record of success. Every year we host groups of young Americans and Canadians aged between 14 and 25 to come and have a unique cultural experience here in Dharamsala. Their programs are custom made to suit the requirements of each organization. We provide the means for these organizations to deliver a quality program to their client.

Our role is to make their trip to India unforgettable by making sure everything is meticulously planned, secure, educational, and fun. We are fortunate to have long-standing, mutually beneficial partnerships in this aspect of our business. In the following tabs, you can explore what exactly we do with these different organizations.

Global Leadership Adventures

Global Leadership Adventures is our longest standing contract so far. GLA operates 1 to 6 week volunteer programs, exclusively in developing countries in authentic, non-tourist communities. Through service work, they encourage their participants to develop meaningful relationships with local people and make a significant impact.


  1. Work in rural day care centers & organize a summer camp for children
  2. Gaze in wonder at the Taj Mahal
  3. Tackle issues of sustainability in a remote community
  4. Meet cutting-edge non-profit organizations
  5. Hear from leaders of the Tibetan refugee community

To know more about this program and what we do together, follow the link to their website for details about the program and what we do Service in the Himalayas

Discover Corps

Discover Corps is the brain child of Andrew Motiwalla, the current CEO of Terra Education based in San Diego. This a volunteer vacation two week program we are doing with DC called the Heart of the Himalayas. These volunteer vacations bring you side-by-side with locals; whether you’re helping in a village school, cooking in a local market, or learning ancient weaving traditions – these journeys result in unplanned adventures and new friendships.

To know more about these programs, follow the link to their website

University of Guelph

The University of Guelph India Field School was hosted by us in Dharamshala for the first time. The University offers their students an opportunity to learn while having a hands on experience.A field school is a program that includes one or more courses that are taught off-campus. Field schools combine academics with hands-on experiential learning “in the field,” allowing students to incorporate what they are learning in class with their international location.

Here is a link to the students’ blog to know more about the experience they had.


Global Action UK

This is the latest organization to sign a contract with us. Starting the year 2017, we will be hosting school students from the UK and assisting with their efforts to connect to a community all the way across the world.

Their mission is to facilitate learning for positive global change through tailored school expeditions and professional internships.

From the snow-capped Himalayas to the tropical beaches off Zanzibar, their unique programs offer empowering, life-changing experiences! These programs foster leadership and teamwork skills, while directly contributing towards international conservation and poverty reduction priorities. School students participate in Fundraising and Global Learning workshops. Every student will automatically qualify for the ASDAN Universities Award.

Global Action is run by development professionals, who have over 10 years’ experience in organising school expeditions and internships worldwide.

To read more about them, follow this link

Cross-Cultural Solutions

Cross-Cultural Solutions and our boss have a long history. He started his career as a member of the CCS India team and now is involved with assisting them in their Summer Teens Program in Dharamshala. Himalayan Explorers provides them a solution for their outdoors program and gives the teens a 4 day experience of living in and working in a village up in the mountains. In this 4 day program, the participants get to work in the local village houses to get an idea of the amount of work that goes in to make food, get milk and to grow food. They also get to interact with the kids in the local school. They stay in tents and challenge themselves by being way out of their comfort zones. We will run approximately 4 programs every year for CCS from the year 2016.

To read more about Cross-Cultural Solutions go here

If you are a service learning organisation and would like to partner with us here in the Indian Himalayas, write to us at: