Nako lake is high altitude lake in the Eastern most part of Himachal Pradesh. It is a beautiful little spot off the highway and a must see for riders going that way. We took a two day stop here just to photograph the place and to chill for a day.

Being at 3700m, the lake is a good spot to stop to acclimatise before you head off into Spiti and further. There are a few good places to stay here and it is tough getting a booking on the phone or email as only BSNL phones work here, if that. We headed straight for Lake view hotel situated right on the banks of the lake itself. The owner is a good host and the staff is helpful. Added to all that, they are probably one of two places that serve meals in the hotel. Choice of food is limited as it is so remote, but you can get any kind of booze here, no problems. This is what i don’t understand, if we can get all sorts of booze, 5 different flavors of chips and coke in such a remote place, why not good food and veggies?

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Anyway, the village of Nako is a small one and it is good walking around the windy streets of this little hamlet in the mountains. Legend has it that Guru Padmasambhav passed through here and held audiences here in the time of his travels towards Tibet. There is a group of caves a few Kms towards the border area, which we did not go to. There is apparently a beautiful waterfall somewhere close by, which again we did not see. The problem with high altitudes is that by the time you start getting motivated, it is evening time and the rum bottle looks very inviting.

We were just 2 days into our ride and were getting acclimatized to the high altitude, is the sorry excuse. But having said all that, Nako is the place to go and explore a little. For the adventurous types, stay a couple of days as it is not expensive, yet and it is something different than the usual tourist spots.