The Baby Dragon

John and Tina are a couple who shifted into our neighborhood a couple of months back. They own a 1994 Royal Enfield 350cc Std. It is a bit of a botched job and hearing it going up the mountain, I wondered how it is still working. But like a champion, it does not give up. My garage is right next door to their house and I see John start her up, which it does, and ride off to go about his day with a big smile on his face. One day, I did approach him and suggested a good clean up for his bike and that I thought his engine needed work. It took a good few weeks of me convincing him, but in the end my perseverance was rewarded. John agreed to let me look inside the engine to see what we can fix and how much it would cost. Royal Enfields can be expensive to repair and especially one that has seen better days. This one was sold to him for 35,000 Rs and has been to the ever present Ustads around town. I did not have much hope for it and Happy and I opened it up to check.

Baby Dragon Royal Enfield Restoration 350cc Dharamshala Garage Bullet

We found a clutch assembly someone had thrown a grenade in, and the metal fatigue was extensive on the body. The wiring had been patched so many times that there was no point in suggesting a repair. The piston was on its last legs but the crank, thankfully, was intact with no damage whatsoever.

Baby Dragon Royal Enfield Restoration 350cc Dharamshala Garage Bullet1

We upended our garage trying to find retro parts to make this bike as good as new. We borrowed a lot of the body parts from our other projects but spared no expense on the engine and electricals. The change from a barely mobile motorcycle to a thumper was the goal. Two weeks later with a fresh paint job and full makeover, Baby Dragon was on the road. I am sure John and Tina will enjoy many more rides to come and most important, be safe!

Pimp My Bike – Denis Part 4


Denis’s bike being pimp’d is a done deal!, The black and white stripes make this bike altogether striking.The team has completely restored the engine, added a 5-disc clutch system for more pick up, and the breaking system and electric cabling was also newly installed. Denis took his 500cc for a test trip around the mountains of Dharamsala and is happy and satisfied with the job done. He mentioned that he has never felt the bike so powerful before!



221 IMG_0464  220

Pimp My Bike – Denis Part 3

Mmmm…nothing like the smell of fresh paint! Denis’s bike has gone through the painting process, the engine’s been cleaned and polished and our mechanics Happy and Bunty are working hard on the repairs. Special care is being taken and the modifications to the gear box will turn this 500CC into a very powerful machine!
2014-11-04 09.41.18

2014-11-06 07.25.37 Denis Bike Eng 1

Pimp My Bike – Denis Part 1

It’s a new week and the Team is ready to work on a new project, it’s Denis’ turn to get Pimp’d! Here we have a 1992 Royal Enfield, 500CC Standard. Denis is from New Zealand and has been settled in India for quite a few years. A keen rider and lover of the Indian Enfields, Denis brought his bike to the Himalayan Explorers Team to get a custom paint job with a black and white colour scheme and a complete engine rebuild. Check out his ‘before’ pictures today and don’t miss the progress on Denis’ Bike here in our Garaja!
2014-10-14 06.25.38

2014-10-14 06.25.49

Pimp My Bike – Omar Part 4

The bike is back! and the team couldn’t be happier with the result!. A black and white-cream was set as the new color scheme for the bike, it has been completely restored with a 60s revolutionary touch represented by the white star, making the bike a classic one. The HE mechanical team worked hard on the engine to get its potential to the fullest, the gear box was enhanced for a smooth ride and outer parts were replaced for vintage ones. Now it’s time for its owner to get it back on the road!. Don’t miss the next Pimp my Bike by the HE Team!

IMG_2920_1IMG_2919_1IMG_2892_1 IMG_2891_1Happy Singh, our mechanic with the restored bike just after assembling.


Pimp My Bike – Omar Part 2

This week on Pimp My Bike…the Himalayan team strips Omar’s bike bare and gets down and dirty with the mechanics of it all.  Coming next – the sexy rebuild and paint job.  Stay tuned! Ride it. Live it. Rebuild it.

2015-02-01 12.10.572015-02-01 12.11.03 Pimp My Bike

Pimp My Bike – Omar

Omar's bike before pic
Omar’s getting pimp’d!Or rather his bike is and today is his ‘before’ picture. Keep track over the next month as his Royal Enfield 1983 Standard 350 gets a complete Himalayan Explorers-style makeover. Omar is from Colombia and met our team up in Ladakh last year whilst riding and has now joined us as a member of our team.