By: Omar Londono_MG_5705Taking the road on a bike means that you are probably going to a certain known destination but it also means travelling through the unknown. On a journey of 3000Kms from the desert in Rajasthan to the mountains in Nepal many faces appear to you and some of them are particularly attractive. I was crossing west Nepal, imagine the scenario: green fields, mud houses, colourful people and smiles by the side of a long flat road that crossed jungles, blue rivers, endless fields and ended up in the powerful mountains of the Himalayas. I had to stop due to some issues with the chain cover, and soon two local guys saw me on the side of the road trying to fix it.  They offered me help and we ended up having some lunch together.  They then took me to a beautiful lake only a few metres away from the road in the area which I would have missed had I not stopped to fix the bike. I became their guest, they invited me to spend the night in their farm house, I met their families and had a good time with them. Talking to the elders was a matter of using gestures and body language – well I can’t speak Nepali yet! Smiling, pointing, and saying random words I learnt was enough to make some kind of brotherly bond, get close to them and they to me. The lady in the photo is the grandma. On her face the lines of a life, the story of a family, and the pride of a land. Her family made her laugh while I took the shots and I realized she wanted to smile at my lense but at the same time hide those missing teeth the years had taken away from her. Isn’t she lovely?