Raja Sahota

Ride Captain, Boss

CEO and Co founder of Himalayan Explorers is the guy who makes sure it all works – to perfection. You will find him yelling at no one in particular in the garage, waking up the team at the crack of dawn and always pushing for better results. He celebrates personal growth in every member of the team, pushes them to excel and never stops moving. He is a veteran rider, trekker and group leader and he brings all his experience to bear when planning any project. He is the guy your email goes to and he helps to choose the best tour for you that we can offer. He also leads the rides and treks and is the go to guy to solve problems.

Elise Sahota

Program Director for our Service Learning

Co founder and Program Director for our Service Learning programs, she is the go to person for all our design solutions. Although she has her own company, she is always available to us for our projects. She believes in a quality product, whatever the cost, as a well thought out program is priceless. Her dedication to the team and their welfare is paramount.


Our latest addition from Bali, Indonesia. Born and brought up in Bali and educated in the US, Britain and Australia, this crazy bastard fell in love with motorcycles in India. He is an avid surfer, diver and a party animal back in his hometown. He has ridden extensively in India and is now planning on taking Himalayan Explorers to Bali with him. He is in the process of developing a kick ass itinerary that we can offer to our customers.

Shankar Nath

Ride Captain

Born to an Indian father and Austrian mother, he was brought up in India and studied all over India and Europe. He has been a translator and guide since the agfe of 16. He is a premier Ride Captain for huge companies operating in Asia. He knows 6 languages and an assortment of dialects. His passion for culture, history and learning is reflected in the quality of information he gives to the clients. We are overjoyed that he has agreed to join us in our Motorcycle Tours. He also participates in the Service Learning Programs where he conducts full day tours on Indian religion, culture and medicine.

Happy Singh

Head Mechanic

The lead mechanic at our garage and a 14 year veteran mechanic at Royal Enfield India, he joined our team a couple of years back. He can take all that we can throw at him and still smile. He is always thinking about engines and smelling of grease. His talent in fixing an engine is unmatched, be it in the garage or in the sleet at 14000 feet. On and off the road, a great guy to watch your six.

The Others

We have a whole team of people who are certified mountain guides, assistant mechanics, adventure enthusiasts, cooks and drivers. They are the back bone of our company. You just can’t buy trust and this bunch comes loaded with trust and respect. We have worked with this staff for the past 6 years and they are fully in tune with our needs, making it easy for us to provide quality ground support.