There is no “bad” motorcycle, just bad mechanics and definitely bad riders

The garage at Himalayan Explorers is the heart and soul of the touring company. This is where we work on motorcycles, restore old motorcycles, meet awesome people and make big plans to rule the world. We are constantly improving our skills and learning new techniques and everyday, we appreciate the joy of riding.

The thing about riding in India and especially in the Himalayas is that the roads are the primary enemy and it takes no prisoners. There is just no easy way to get past the challenges of riding a steep hill road full of pot holes. That means wear and tear on the motorcycle is way more than the usual, that means riders and mechanics need to know and prepare for this higher than usual chances of breakdowns. that means we study more and work harder to keep our customers and our rides from breaking down.

Although, we specialize in the Royal Enfield motorcycle, we are not limited to just this motorcycle. We are open to all motorcycles and offer service facilities to our local customers. We base all our operations on Old School principals – respect, loyalty, hard work, innovation. No motorcycle is bad for us, and even though the owner might be an a-hole, we don’t blame the bike for it.

The way we do things takes a little time, as there is no rule book when it comes to riding in India, there is no standardized procedure we can follow to fix things, but one thing we guarantee – quality. May it be on a ride or in the garage, that pursuit of excellence is foremost in our minds.