Why is there a service tax of 3.3% on all packages?

Service tax is a compulsory requirement by our Government. It has to be shown on the invoice and paid by the client. The Service tax we are charged in the Tourism industry is now around 12.75% and being in Himachal Pradesh, we get a tax rebate of 75% on package tours, hence making us liable to a Service tax of 3.3%, payable by the client.

What should I pack?

On booking your tour with us, we will send you a complete list of recommended items for packing. Always pack some top of the range liquor for your guides 😉

What shouldn’t I take with me?

Use your common sense and try to pack light and don’t bring items that are especially valuable or likely to get damaged. All necessities are largely available here such as toiletries unless you have special brands you like to use.

Will there be a chance of altitude sickness and how can I deal with this?

AMS is an enigma but a very real and uncomfortable threat to all mountaineers. It can affect seasoned veterans and novices alike. But being prepared for it will help immensely. Please do talk to your doctor for recommendations of what medicine to take that would suit you best. We carry Diamox with us to relieve symptoms and do take all precautions to reduce the chances of AMS. But in the event of a severe case, descending is the only option.

I want to do one of the tours/treks but only have 10 days. Is it still possible?

Yes it is, get in touch to fine tune your itinerary

Should I carry a first aid kit?

Always carry a kit that is suited to your requirements. We have kits at the camp and extra med kits are always welcome

What is not included in the price of the package?

Alcoholic beverages, extra snacks between meals, international flights, Insurance

What is your cancellation policy?

25% is deducted upon cancellation from payment to 7 days before departure, then we deduct 50% and last minute cancellations (less than 24 hrs before the start date) 75% is deducted.

Will I have to share a room?

Yes, all prices are based on twin sharing. If you request a single occupancy, please request it as the price will go up.

If I wanted to extend the tour/trek, is this possible?

In special cases, yes. Talk directly to the ride captain/trek leader for this request.

Is there always access to drinking water?

Always. Hydration is the key to the success of all these tours. We insist on constant hydration, hence providing the water.

Will I have access to the internet?.

To answer the question, in remote areas, no and in all major cities, yes.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, consult your insurance company to include high risk activities and high altitudes.

How do I get a visa for India?

Check the situation in your country. You will either have to apply for the Indian Tourist Visa through the Indian Embassy/Consulate in your country or through an agency that processes applications on behalf of the Embassy. The process can take up to two weeks so be prepared and apply for it in time.


Will I have to carry my pack on the trek?

Not if you don’t want to. We have porters/mules for all our treks. We encourage you to carry a small pack with your essentials – snacks, water, jacket, camera, etc – and pack the rest in a sturdy bag that can be carried by mules or porters.

What equipment will be provided?

All essential equipment is provided by us. Sleeping bag, tent, sleeping pad, food, guides, portage, water are provided for.

What kind of footwear do I need?


Seriously though, depending upon your choice of trek, the easy treks require you to have a good 3 season trekking shoe. If you are doing a difficult trek, for example Bara Bhangal, then we recommend a good all season trekking boot. Sandals are recommended for camp and even an extra set of trainers or light shoes in case of really hot days.

How many guides will be with us?

Depending upon size of group, we have a minimum of 2 guides and a cook, and this count goes up depending upon size of the group and/or the requirements.

What is the maximum number of people on a trek?


What distance will we travel each day?

For treks, we hike 12 Kms a day on average


Do I need to bring any of my own motorcycle gear with me?

Yes please! We do have all major brands available in Delhi. If you are going to buy your kit here, keep a day out extra for this exercise.

Can I ride my own motorcycle on the tour?

No you cannot. We take full guarantee for the safety and quality of the motorcycles we have and bringing your own motorcycle will be a challenge. I would suggest to talk directly to your ride captain and let him make this decision.

I am not such an experienced rider. Can I participate on the tour?

Yes you can as we have provided for participants not being able to ride the whole way. We will assist you in every way to make this happen, but in case it is not possible, you can do a few hours in the day and we will provide a car for the rest of your trip.

What is the maximum number of people on a tour/trek?

On a motorcycle tour, we have a limit of 12

What distance will we travel each day?

For motorcycle tours, at high altitudes we do an average of 250 Kms/day and in the desert around 400 Kms/day

What happens in case of an accident?

First aid will be provided by our qualified first aider and our experienced staff will assist you in getting immediate transport if necessary to the nearest medical centre/hospital.

Should I get insurance?

Yes, due the challenging nature of the motorbike trip, we strongly recommend arranging insurance. No matter how far our efforts go to guaranteeing your safety, you can never be too careful and should an incident occur, you want to be insured. Should there be an emergency that requires specialized medical treatment or aerial transfer, you want to have the safety net of insurance to cover those elevated costs. On booking, you will receive the full Terms and Conditions.