Buy the ticket. Take the ride.

There’s a lot to see outside and we, at Himalayan Explorers, know where to take you. Be it riding a Royal Enfield or walking in the mountains, we are good at it. There is no other way to discover yourself than getting out of your comfort zone and taking the road you have never been on. Our job is to provide all the support you need for you to have an adventure.

Why not us?

We are not here to be the best, to win a race or talk shit about other companies. We are here to get you out there, on the road, in the mountains, on a plane to the middle of nowhere.

However, when it comes to the quality and the little details, we care more and that makes a big difference in the end. We don’t improvise – we have a team made up of local and international staff whose emphasis is on standards, and who don’t mess around. Our ethos entails being responsible and treating everyone equally, ensuring our clients have an educational, enjoyable and rewarding trip. Satisfaction is what we look for and that’s why everything we offer has been thought out and created to give you the best, and only the best.

The way we are set up is like a social enterprise. All our staff take a share of the profit and are not reliant on salaries. They have a choice accept or reject being part of any program, they have a full say in decision making concerning the future of the company and are not dependent on anyone for their future. We are a bunch of free thinking individuals living in a small community in a semi urban town in the mountains. We love it here and we plan to stay here and make it big. We don’t pay commissions and we don’t spend your money on corporate chain hotels. We are always thinking of how to share the wealth and to make decisions that are mutually beneficial.